2012 Pleasure-Way Traverse

United States Base MSRP $ 60,450.00

Base MSRP does not include options, freight, taxes, or PDI. Due to our policy of continuous improvement, Pleasure-Way reserves the right to make product and chassis changes at any time without incurring obligations.


Practicality & Style

From taking the kids to school to camping under a starlit sky, the Traverse by Pleasure-Way can take you there in style and comfort! With seating for five and sleeping for four, the TRAVERSE combines the practicality of an every day vehicle with all the camping basics of a tent trailer and a tow vehicle – all rolled into one.

At Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd., we know that you need to make the most out of your money. That’s why we developed the TRAVERSE. Built with families and travelers in mind, the TRAVERSE allows you to take advantage of the great outdoors while providing a stress-free, fun vacation for your entire family. No more stops at hotels or restaurants along the way, all of your camping needs are provided by the TRAVERSE. Just jump in and go!

Traverse Advantage

The TRAVERSE offers other advantages as well. With its discrete design, the TRAVERSE appears to be no different than any other regular passenger vehicle and thus should not offend any condominium restrictions. The TRAVERSE will fit into most 7' tall garages, making it one of the few Class "B" Motorhomes that you can park or store in yourgarage.

Time to Relax

Want to stretch your wings after a long day at the wheel? Simply, lift the handle and the roof elevates to give you over 6’6"of headroom. And at the end of your fun-filled day, getting ready for bed couldn’t be easier. Simply fold down the rear sofa and snuggle into your full 54" X 76" double bed. Then fold down the upper bunk into a 44" X 73" bed for the kids.

Your campers will be warm and cozy with the TRAVERSE’s 12,000 BTU furnace. With the TRAVERSE by Pleasure-Way, life on the road couldn’t be easier! All you need to worry about is what to bring with you. But don’t hold back because there is lots of room for all those little extras you’ll need for your adventures. Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. takes pride in crafting innovative solutions to your storage needs. The TRAVERSE utilizes all useable space to maximize your storage potential.

Comfort and Joy

When your campers are hungry for supper or just craving a snack, you will appreciate the microwave, Norcold 2-way 110V/12V fridge and the two-burner stove. The TRAVERSE is also equipped with a TV outlet, which is handy on those rainy nights or during those long drives.

Though it would be far less time-consuming and less costly to install pre-fabricated cabinets, Pleasure-Way's dedicated employees handcraft and custom-install all of our components, from kitchen face frames to wall partitions. This meticulous process ensures a tight, clean fit and a rattle-free ride

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